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Lamborghini launches the Veneno Roaster on aircraft carrier


While most automotive companies choose a safer approach to launch new products in convention centers; Lamborghini, the symbol of flamboyance in the automotive industry, has done the exact opposite. In their latest stunt, the Italian firm decided to launch the very limited edition Veneno Roadster supercar on a 27,000 ton Italian aircraft carrier.


The MM Cavour, the latest pride of the Italian Navy, was docked in Abu Dhabi as part of the Italian trade mission to the Middle East. The £2.8 million Veneno Roadster took center stage, as the pride of Italian automotive engineering and design.


The Veneno roadster is the roofless version of the Veneno coupe, which is essentially an Avendator with added flamboyance and flair. As seen in the images here, the Veneno Roadster blended in well with the Harrier jump jets parked beside the car. Limited to only nine units worldwide, expect the 740HP 6.5 V12 powered roadster to be snapped quickly, if they haven’t already.