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Merry Christmas from AF! Fancy some turkey cooked by a flaming Lamborghini? [+ Video]


It’s Christmas time, and many will be feasting on roasted turkey with friends and family during this joyous season. However, if you happen to own a Lamborghini, and you haven’t cooked your turkey dinner yet, the boys from Shmee 150 have a better idea.

What they have showcased here is a demonstration of cooking a turkey via the fire-spitting exhaust of a Lamborghini Avendator. The Lambo’s exhaust shooting high flames of heat which should cook the turkey pretty well. The result? An edible and delicious turkey to celebrate Christmas, and a rather amusing way of cooking it. However should they pass the turkey dish to me, I will give it a miss ‘cos it looks burnt on the outside and raw on the inside. Animal lovers please note, the turkey was long dead before this took place. Merry Christmas!

Full video below.

[SOURCE: Shmee 150]