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Espresso Veloce V12 coffee machine is the best Xmas gift for caffeine addicted petrolheads


Looking for a Christmas gift? Are your or your loved one are both caffeine addicts and petrolheads? Then your prayers have been answered as we reveal what supposed to be the best coffee machine ever made for petrolheads who are also caffeine junkies. Introducing the latest and greatest, Espresso Veloce V12!

The Espresso Veloce V12 is an espresso machine scaled after a half-scale model of a V12 Formula 1 engine. It is claimed to be built in a “high-tech facility using solid billets of high-grade aerospace alloys”. Just as detailed as a real Formula One engine, each component is inspected within a tenth of a millimetre with skill and perfection. Aerospace technology was spotted as aviation-grade titanium alloy was used for the exhaust pipes, allowing the coffee to pour into the mug.


Just like a Formula One engine, only the skilful and trained technical staffs are allowed to hand-assemble this machinery, and as seen on the images here the attention to details is staggering. However, as like many other engineering masterpieces, this coffee machine is not cheap, be prepared to fork out £9000 (approximately less than RM50,000!) to own one. However, if money is not an issue and if you need your caffeine fix to be prepared by the best, look no further than this.