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Teaser: New Lamborghini Huracan revealed?


The hype on the new Lamborghini Gallardo replacement is rising on the Internet, and it appears that Italy’s media, La Stampa, has leaked these confirmed renditions of what the Lamborghini Huracan looks like. The images surfaced last Monday on their website before it was taken down. From the looks of it, the pictures here should hint at how the new baby Lamborghini will look like, despite these obviously being computer generated.


Previously known as the Cabrera, the Huracan, translated in Spanish as the Hurricane, should be launched sometime in 2014 and is set to become Lamborghini’s volume seller just as its predecessor was. Also notably, a badge on the rear fender that reads “LP610-4” was spotted. That could hint that this little Italian beast is likely to be powered by a 610HP V10 engine and all-wheel drive system. A single clutch automatic is expected, knowing this Italian firm isn’t interested in double clutch transmissions.


Just like how the Gallardo was dubbed as the baby Murcielago, the new Huracan will be fondly known as the baby Avendator. More images below:

hur-4 hur-5 hur-6 hur-7 hur-8 hur-9

[SOURCE: Car Scoop]