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McLaren 12C supercar production ends


After three years, McLaren has announced that the company has decided to cease the production of the 12C in light of the success of 650S. The 650S supercar has been so well received since its debut at the 2014 Geneva Motor Show with six month booking order backlog, therefore the company will focus their capacity at the McLaren Production Centre on 650S.

McLaren CEO Mike Flewitt says, “After three years of 12C production, this represents a natural evolution of our model line-up. I want to assure you that McLaren remains dedicated to customer satisfaction and that we care about the ownership experience of every car we’ve ever sold.”

To help keep their current 12C owners happy, Mclaren is offering a free technology upgrade from June. This package of upgrades comprises of Active Aero software which increases the repertoire of the rear air brake ‘spoiler’, allowing it to deploy during a throttle lift or when cresting a hill, on top of its typical role during heavy braking. It can also lower when driving at speed in a straight line, acting like a ‘DRS’ drag reduction system.

In addition to this free upgrade, the company is also offering an upgrade for the Android infotainment system. A reversing camera and DAB digital radio – debuted on the 650S – can be added as cost options to the 12Cs.