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Ferrari 458 Speciale, meet your match – the hardcore version of the McLaren 12C


It appears that McLaren is in full throttle mode when it comes of producing very fast super cars. McLaren is now hot on the heels of arch rival, Ferrari’s following its success with the 458 Speciale. Plans to launch a Special 12C  that is set to be the hardcore edition of already impressive the 12C.  The new car will sit above the 12C in McLaren’s line-up and will be sold as a stand-alone model.

Being the extreme version of the 12C, the new model is set to be powered by a modified version of the same engine, tuned to about 650bhp. Standard carbon-ceramic brakes and a host of other performance-enhancing modifications are expected. However, the extreme version of the 12C will sport designs inspired from McLaren’s halo car – the P1.

So if you think the rivalry between Ferrari and McLaren only existed on race tracks, then think again. It seems the battle between a hardcore McLaren 12C and the Ferrari 458 Speciale will be as electrifying as watching Jenson Button battling all out with Fernando Alonso – the dreadful 2013 F1 season notwithstanding that is.

[Source: Autocar UK]