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F1 2014 – The Cars of 2014 So Far

This week saw a numerous launch and image leaks of the Formula One (F1) cars of the 2014 grid. The FIA announced that one of the regulations of 2014 is to have the tip of the nose to be no more than 185mm above the ground – that effectively means the cars for 2014’s grid will have strange-looking front nose which could be as bad as a bad nose plastic surgery in Korea. But before we judge further, let’s look at the F1 car launches that occurred recently.


We start with Force India who has beaten the other teams by revealing the side looks of the digitally rendered VMJ07, with new liveries which is stunning. On first impression it does look good, cooling down the fears that the cars for this year will be hideous. However, Force India didn’t reveal how the front nose of the VMJ07 will look like, hence leaving fans puzzled.


Soon, Williams F1 released a computerized image on their 2014’s challenger, the FW36 – which is the first team to reveal how the front noses will look like. Soon after, there were mixed responses from F1 fans, with some think it isn’t as bad as they thought, while others think it is the ugliest F1 car they ever seen.


The following day, McLaren revealed their 2014’s machine, the MP4-29 – becoming the first team to showcase the actual F1 car of 2014. Apart of the rather controversial pointy nose, the remaining parts of the MP4-29 looked slick and beautiful.


Soon after McLaren launches their car, LotusF1 revealed a digitized images of their challenger, E22 – LotusF1 has a very different interpretation of the front noses compared with its rivals. The distinctive feature of the E22 is perhaps the radical front nose, which is shaped like a two-way fork. The unusual fact doesn’t end here; as you look closely, the right-hand tip is longer than the left.



Just hours ago, Ferrari has unveiled the F14T, which has a rather different nose design -It has a wider and flatter interpretation than McLaren’s thin, elongated nose and Lotus’s dual-pronged nose. The front nose of the F14T is resemblance of an anteater, which explains the comments from fans weren’t;t pleasing, with some claimed this is the ugliest Ferrari F1 car ever. Whether they like it or not, the Fiat F14T will be the weapon of choice for World Champions Fernando Alonso and Kimi Raikkonen to stop that other German from adding another F1 crown.


More F1 cars will be revealed as the first F1 test begins in 28th Jan.

[Image Source: Force India, Williams F1, McLaren, LotusF1, Ferrari]