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HERE Maps is going after Google Maps

Google Maps recently caused a bit of controversy when the technology company started revising their Google Maps API as well as the pricing which comes along with it. This gave developers a lot of headaches and they protested. Give something to someone for free for a long time and when that changes, you are bound to get flak. Thanks to all of that, HERE Technologies, another map maker who used to be part of Nokia is here to fill that void.

HERE Technologies is now owned by a consortium of German car makers and has been actively trying to make a name for itself. It partnered with Audi as well as with Grab to improve location services, navigation and mapping for these companies. Now it is going after the space in which Google Maps tend to be the defacto player, small local businesses and restaurants who rely on Google Maps to provide the location. HERE offers 250,000 free transactions per month compared to Google’s new pricing plan which offers only 28,000 before charging users.

HERE also offers their HERE WeGo map apps as an alternative to Google Maps especially if you want navigation without a mobile data plan. So far Google still reign supreme in many parts of the world especially when you are a small business trying to get your details out.