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Apple is using Subarus to capture data for Apple Maps

Apple has been criticised non-stop since the whole debacle of moving away from Google Maps for the past 6 years. Their alternative was to stitch data from various sources and that is why Apple Maps in Malaysia is horrible and Google is way ahead in that manner. Apple has vowed to change that with their latest version of iOS (iOS 12) and started sending out vehicles to map the streets starting with their biggest market, the US.

That led to a couple of Subarus being spotted on the streets with the cameras mounted on the roof. Previous vehicles spotted were minivans which Apple used to map the streets of cities around the world. Having smaller Subarus may be a better bet and a step closer to Google. In comparison, Google uses a plethora of methods from vehicles to even humans carrying the mapping tools on their backpacks.

Having your own fleet means higher cost but at the advantage of providing more up to date information for your customers. Since Apple is sitting on a huge pile of cash, it doesn’t hurt to channel some of those funds into improving the accuracy and lives of their customers around the world. Whilst Apple hasn’t announced anything yet, I am curious to know when Apple Maps would be updated for Malaysia.

Perhaps our local car manufacturer could also offer a partnership to sponsor some cars to map out our roads.

Image Source: Business Insider