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A human surveyor for Apple Maps was spotted

Just last week a bunch of Subarus was spotted carrying navigation and mapping equipment for Apple’s Map software. This time around a man was spotted carrying more equipment in the streets of San Francisco, possibly to get a better mapping accuracy.

Spotted by Dante Cesa who then shared it with MacRumors, the man was carrying a backpack with the Apple Maps URL on it. The gears on it include a LIDAR, several cameras and a GPS unit.

Whilst having a human walk through the streets, this technique isn’t something new as Google has been doing it for years sending people to locations where vehicles can’t travel. This includes off the beaten path locations as well as hilltops or mountain tops where it is accessible by hikers. Still this is a first for Apple as the company continues to strive for a better map and navigation application.

Google Maps still stand supreme not just from mapping data but also business information where many businesses around the world share information with Google in order for their locations to be updated on the popular app. Having two types of data from mapping to streetview as well as business information makes the map a lot more reliable and gives customers a better proposition to use it.

For example, here in Malaysia, Google Maps is so embedded into the fabric of Malaysians through the use of Waze to getting information about your latest eating joint and getting reviews. It will take a huge gargantuan effort for people to just switch their daily habits.

Image source: MacRumors & Dante Cesa