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Google Maps to start adding support for hashtags

Do you normally whip out your smartphone and start searching for places to drive towards using Google Maps? Whether it may be a restaurant or a car workshop? Well, the task is going to get easier as Google is going to add hashtag support in reviews. Yes, whenever you write a review on Google Maps, you can now include in hashtags. Why is this important?

Imagine this, if you were looking for a nearby mechanic, why not start searching for hashtags that relate to your problems. It could be a specialized mechanic for your car model or a special service that you require, just search via hashtag. Another example is that you are looking for a specific tyre shop which offers high-speed tyre balancing. Finding a tyre shop may be easy but finding a specific one is where Google hopes this feature would enable.

The feature has already been rolled out Android phones and with the possibility of iOS devices in the near future. Google hopes that reviewers would include descriptive hashtags such as #vegetarian, #goodforselfies, #sunsetviews and #wheelchairaccessible rather than generic terms like #love or #food. That way everyone can easily find the right ones that suit their needs.

Google has been constantly updating their Google Map app and keeping Waze separate from it. Different part of the worlds have a preference for navigation and it seems that Google is banking on Google maps to be more than just a mapping application. New features which Google has rolled out in their ever popular map app include the “Commute Tab” which gives you an overview of your daily commute. Another useful feature is ETA sharing which has been hugely popular with ride-hailing apps and even on Waze.