PSA: Don’t simply store items in your car parked outside

Whenever you leave your car parked outside, especially in sunny Malaysia, always try not to leave anything in your car especially those that contains anything flammable inside it. In the US, KBCD reported that a woman left a can of hairspray in her car which was parked outside in the summer. This led to the can bursting and propelling through the car’s windscreen.

Her initial reactions were that she thought something fell from the sky and landed on her windshield but after looking around she realised it was a can of hairspray which she had on her backseat of her car.

This serves as a cautionary tale to others to ensure that they read the safety warning on items before thinking about leaving them in their car on a hot day. Items such as hairspray which derives from aerosol cans have a safety warning which states to either store these items in cool areas or watch the ambient temperature of where the stored items are as they may explode.

Thankfully, no one was hurt in this incident.