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Norwegian “dwarf” strikes again by stealing yet another car!

The Image above is for illustration purposes only, not actual.

It appears that the Norwegian “dwarf” has hit the road again with yet another stolen car. Just a few weeks ago, this 10-year-old boy (not pictured) drove-off with his parents’ car with his sister on board, only to get caught. That’s when he infamously said that he was a dwarf and wanted to go back home to get his driver’s license. well, that kid has gone and done it again, this time with a relative’s car.

A relative came to stop by at their house and said perpetrator decided to steal his relative’s car, and he managed to drive for 30 km before his joyride was brought to a halt. When his parents found out both their children, and the car, were missing, they posted messages on Twitter to get help, and called the authorities. It was until the boy stopped the car, a bystander managed to grab the keys, which ended yet another joyride.

However, unlike the previous case where the authorities let this kid go, this time they are reporting this family to child services. Ouch. How fast can you say ‘grounded for life’?

[Source: Reuters UK]