Grand Theft…Cattle? Four cows rescued from a car! Udderly ridiculous.

In United States, the term “Grand Theft Auto” is commonly associated with automotive theft. Here in Malaysia we now have a unique crime category, which is “Grand Theft Cattle”. In Kulim, two thieves were forced to abandon a Proton Wira, filled with four live cows. No, we are not making this up, four live cows!

It is believed that the thieves modified a Proton Wira sedan model by removing the rear passenger seats. There were no details given on how the cows were transported into the car, but most likely the cows were sedated first prior loading them into the car.

Kulim deputy OCPD Deputy Supt Chin Soo Song said the farm owner lodged a report on the missing cattle at the Lunas police station at 5am yesterday.

The thieves managed to escape via an expressway, only to be discovered by members of the public who were assisting the owner of the cows to keep a lookout. Unfortunately for the thieves, their getaway car broke down, probably caused by an engine issue as the car couldn’t take the load, forcing the thieves to flee and abandon both the car and their bovine bounty.

The animals were discovered  at 7am in Kampung Siam, about 15km from where they were stolen. Those with information on the thieves are urged to contact Kulim CID chief Asst Supt C. Tharmalingham at 04-490 6222 or the nearest police station.

Thanks to the bold efforts from the public and the authorities, the cows were saved to live for another day, maybe until the orders for “beef rendang” arrives. Still, the good guys win…

[SOURCE: Bernama]