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Truth is Stranger than Fiction: Man trades testicle for a Nissan 370Z, true story!


Well there are some people who sometimes quip that they would trade an arm or a leg in order to purchase the car of their dreams. But what if we told you of a man willing to trade one of his private parts for a Nissan 370Z? Downright ludicrous as it may seem, this happened recently with a chap named Mark Parisi.

Parisi was so obsessed with the Nissan 370Z that he announced he would forego one of his testicles for $35,000 for medical science, on a medical TV show The Doctors (as shown below).


Well, at least Parisi can brag he’d prefer to have one nut less rather than debts to the bank in order to get his ride of his dreams. Whatever it is, he is nuts; well, half anyway…

[Souce: Motor Authority]