Truth is Stranger than Fiction: Afghan cops stop car theft by slashing tyres!


Apparently in Kabul, Afghanistan, it is reported that car theft has been so rampant that the cops over there have to resort to extreme measures. In this edition of Truth is Stranger than Fiction, you’ll be amazed that the authorities in Afghanistan puncture the tyres of all cars parked at night in order to prevent thieves from driving them away.

It is reported that a man left an office in Kabul during the evening, only to discover all four tyres on his car were slashed. So he went to report this to the police, only to find out that he couldn’t make the report since it was the cops that did it!

Nesar Ahmad Abdulrahimzai, Kabul’s police chief in the 10th district, decided to perform this act of absurdity in order to prevent the car from being stolen. Or perhaps he is giving tyre shop owners in Kabul a bigger reason to smile.

Interestingly, media organization, the NPR , has reported that over the past six months, there were only 2 cases of reported car thefts in that area in Kabul. However Kabul’s police chief says that the 10th district is abusing its power, and this has to be stopped. Stranger than fiction indeed!

[Source: Jalopnik]