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Truth is Stranger than Fiction:Man built himself a McLaren F1 for £20k [+ Video]


In our next installment of Truth is Stranger than Fiction series, no doubt everyone dreams of owning an expensive super car but only a few privileged ones are fortunate to have one. However, that’s not the case for this ambitious Polish mechanic Jacek Mazur. Mazur always dream of owning and driving a McLaren F1 but knowing buying a million dollar machine is not an option. However, perhaps he got the inspiration like in this classic movie “Field of Dreams”, where the quote “”If you build it, he will come” had motivated him to fulfil his dreams. Maybe in this context, “If you build it, it (The McLaren F1) will come.”

So after eight years of blood sweet and tears and just spending £20,000, he has crafted his super car of his dreams in his own garage. He built the tubular space-frame chassis by himself, and mounted a BMW V12 engine that powers the original F1. The driver’s seat is placed in the middle of the cockpit just like the real deal. The best part was this car is capable to hit 320 KMH, although it takes a driver with balls of steel to hit such speed on a machine built from the garages.

Hit the video as below, and I surely think Gordon Murray, the legendary designer of the F1, would give his approval on this incredible DIY machine.