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Nissan wants youths to address their elders properly this CNY


As the title goes, as far as I know, I fall into the category of people who can’t really address their elders with the right ranking and right title. That is how “banana” I may be!

But it goes as a good reminder to all that we should take the time and effort to learn it up as how Nissan points it in an obvious way through the advertisement below.

Of course the video alone won’t help me find the right address, hence Nissan has also setup a site to guide wayward “bananas” like me. Check out their site here. Unfortunately the site only provides the info for dialects such as Mandarin, Hokkien and Cantonese and also the titles for your own side of the family. I was trying to find the correct titles for my in-laws and their families but alas, I don’t think I can secretly impress them this year.