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Nissan GT-R is now no longer a bargain Supercar


Remember back in the days when the Nissan GT-R was hyped to be a supercar beater at half a price of a Ferrari? Since its debut in 2008, and as the years go by, the GT-R just seems to get better and better – with stronger suspension, performance upgrades, better tyres and a lighter bodyweight. That however, has translated to the GT-R getting more expensive in the process.

Right now a brand new 2014 model of the GT-R can be driven home for a whopping $103,365. That’s 30% more than when it debuted. To find out why a buyer needs to pay an additional 30k more, we got a diagram prepared by the kind folks of BBCAutos showcasing what Nissan has added or enhanced in the 2014 model.


So in the end, it’s up to the buyer to decide if it’s worth it, per this classic adage suggests “You get what you pay for”. Still, if the Americans think it’s too much, they can always opt to be patriotic and still slay supercars with this. Not forgetting, its cheaper than the GT-R for sure!

[Source: BBC Autos]