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For Your Sunday Viewing Pleasure: My Top Five Favorite Automotive Videos of 2013


The year 2013 is coming to an end, and after Mark picked his top ten favorite automotive videos  , I looked back at the variety of automotive videos released in 2013. Here are my top five favorite automotive videos of 2013.

5. Paul Walker’s tribute

Paul Walker’s untimely demise was one of the tragic events that occur in 2013. The tribute video made by the producers of the Fast and Furious movie franchise was indeed touching, showing how Paul Walker has evolved in the entire Fast and Furious movie series.

4. Ken Box Gymkhana parody

While many felt Ken Block’s Gymkhana 6 was underwhelming, this parody of the gymkhana maestro somehow was more entertaining than the real deal.

3. The amazing TransF(1)ormations video from Brazilian F1 coverage

This amazing video, first shown in Brazil as a preview to their 2013 Brazilian GP, illustrates how Formula One cars, in the forms of toy cars, evolved over the last 60 years. Watch how F1 cars transformed from bullet shaped cars from the 50-ist to the modern ones like has seen today. There even an homage to Brazilian F1 legend, Ayrton Senna, spotted in this video. To whoever pitched or executed this idea to Brazilian TV executives, should be promoted or given a healthy raise!

2. Volvo Truck’s epic Van Damme’s split

While 2013 saws a great number of automotive advertisements, the only one which bought other advertisements into submission is Volvo Trucks incredible video advert of electronically controlled steering. This advert won’t become an instant Youtube hit with 60 million views if Hollywood legend Jean Claude Van Damme was not roped in.


The only video that to me, unseats Van Damme’s legendary video, is this insanely hilarious video. Watch the antics of this rally driver and co-driver from India that don’t get along together in this four minutes of comedy gold, which got my pick as my favorite video of the year.