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For Your Sunday Viewing Pleasure: Hot McLaren P1 is the king of Flamethrowers [+ video]


The new McLaren hyper car, the P1, has gained a lot of momentum lately – moreover after Jeremy Clarkson reviewed the magnificent P1 in Top Gear last week. There must be a lot of us craving for more videos on the amazing and blazing fast P1 for those who can’t get enough of last week P1 review in Top Gear.


We have another video showcasing the P1 with an ability to belch bright blue balls of fire on its exhaust, complemented with glorious noises that will weaken our knees. This P1 on this video below is caught blazing with blue flames of madness in the Yas Marina circuit in Abu Dhabi.

This is a fine example of British engineering, as claimed by Clarkson? As long it can belch bright blue flames that is mesmerizing to watch, that’s a yes.