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For your Sunday viewing pleasure: Rally video shows Kubica deserves your respect!


I have to say I’m now a big fan of ex F1 driver and current rally hero, Robert Kubica. Despite almost got killed in a rally accident which pretty much bought his F1 career into oblivion, he chose to soldier on with rally racing. The best part is, he is getting bolder and better, as shown in this video during his recent rally exploits in the first round of European Rally Championship (ERC) of Janner Rally.

Driving a Ford Fiesta on one of the night stages, he hit an obstacle which damaged one of his Fiesta’s lights, causing the lights to go haywire that blinded Kubica occasionally. Despite that setback, Kubica soldiered on by hitting full throttle on his Fiesta. Basically, he took the phrase from the late Colin McRae,  ‘if in doubt, flat out’,  literally.

Quote from the Pole with balls made from adamantium “I have very big moment… I couldn’t concentrate because there was fog, and we have one light, the side light… actually facing our faces. So I tried to switch off the actual light, but because there is a new steering wheel I couldn’t find the button, and I missed completely the pace notes and it was ‘right, four’, and I went massively too fast. Fortunately it worked out.”

That act of bravery has bought him the rally victory for this Pole, earning much respect from the rally community worldwide.