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The Fantastic Trio to get a new show called House of Cars?

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The fantastic trio of motoring jokers are back together again. Firstly they are heading towards a series of live performances around the world (no, Malaysia isn’t one of their destinations). Another thing is that a rumour coming from the most craziest of crazies which is the Mirror in the UK (which is a tabloid by the way), has said that the guys, Jeremy Clarkson, James May and Richard Hammond will be back together again.

It is rumoured that Netflix, the guys who made House of Cards starring Kevin Spacey, will be taking them on a creating a series called House of Cars, according to the Mirror.

Now it would be great to see them back together again after Jeremy’s sacking from the BBC meaning that the usage of the name Top Gear can’t be used elsewhere but as a huge fan of the series, it was never about the name but these three presenters who managed to hold everything together.

Whilst I do not condone that violence is everything, I sincerely hope that Netflix would pick up the 3 of them and start a whole new series altogether. Of course I would take what the Mirror have stated with a pinch of salt especially having spent 3 years reading news from them.

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Source: The Mirror UK