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Navigating Through the Top Gear Test Track

This is what happens when you pit The Stig against the Google Street View car. The results? Absolute slaughter. But then again, this isn’t a race to compete. The results was way better instead.

In the video above, The Stig is seen driving the Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG Black car and thanks to that, it has left a very good impression here on Google Street View. That is right, the Top Gear test track in the UK is now available on Google Street View (and all Top Gear fans rejoice!).


Navigating through the street view is quite simple but navigating through the Top Gear test track wasn’t easy. I tried to look for the famous turns such as the “Hammer head” turn as well as Gambon corner but the easiest part for me is the follow through which is where the tyres are set up.



If you are as big of a fan as I am of BBC’s Top Gear, you would probably be like me and spend a good 30 minutes playing with Google Street View and navigating through the track.


Problem is, I just can’t find the company next door to the Top Gear test track called “Careless Airways”. Let’s see if you get that joke.