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iPhone + App + Car = Amazing music [+video]

Golf GTI + Underworld

I usually like to have DVD’s playing in the background whilst I am driving. I am not really much of a radio person nor am I really savvy when it comes to music. Even my recent track days, I needed some sort of music playing in the background so at least if I do upload a video my runs, it has some nice music to accompany the video. Any music I embed into the video tends to have a lot of restrictions when I upload it up to YouTube.

After reading this piece of news below and checking out the video, damn, I want this app!

And of course, the Volkswagen Mk7 Golf GTI as well 🙂

Volkswagen Golf GTI + Underworld have collaborated on a project that synchronises driving and music in real time. Play the road generates music via a phone app that’s connected to the GTI’s onboard computer, reading the driver’s location and movements to compose music live.

Want to know what the feature is all about? Check out the videos below.