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Mark Zuckerberg gets a present from Volkswagen! [+ Video]


The news that Facebook founder and billionaire, Mark Zuckerberg’s new choice of wheels has gone viral at all over the Internet and even here at AF. It is astounding to note that despite his billions of fortunate, Zuckerberg stays humble with his choice of his new ride.  Even better, his choice of wheels, a manual Volkswagen Golf GTi,  has proved this man has brilliant taste of wheels!

In fact this did not go unnoticed by the executives of Volkswagen HQ in Germany, so by the name of good customer service, they have delivered a special gift to Zuckerberg, to show their appreciation for that billionaire’s contribution to the company’s brilliant 2013. Hit the video to see what’s inside the gift. One thing is for sure, I bet his going to love his gift!


[Source: Volkswagen]