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Hear the venomous V12 roar from the Lamborghini Veneno [+ Video]


Lamborghini has pretty much pulled a middle finger to the recent range of eco friendly super cars from Porsche, McLaren and arch rivals, Ferrari. Where the rest has decided to go friendly with Green Peace, Lamborghini decided to stick back to what they do best, to create raw, absurd, and overpowered super cars where young boys will stick posters of their cars on their bedroom walls. Which brings us to Lamborghini’s latest creation, the Veneno.


The Veneno, which means “Venon” in Spanish, is based from the Avendator and only three were built, as this very limited edition super car was built to celebrate  Lamborghini’s 50th anniversary. Imagine Batman ringing his Italian friends in Lamborghini to share what he wants for his new Batmobile and you pretty get the picture on how this 750 horsepower 6.5 liter V12 beast will look like.  With a top speed of a crazy 340kmh and a 0-100 time of under three seconds has pretty much cement this beast into the hyper car category. At €3.12 million each, all three models were snapped in an instant.


One may think how does this V12 beast will sound like. Well we have the video as below to answer this out!