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Volkswagen Golf Rally Car by Prodrive!


Rally and motorsports preparation company Prodrive has another project completed. This time around, they put their attention at the mk7 Volkswagen Golf. Called the VW Golf SCRC, the car will start rallying this weekend under FAW-VW Rally Team, with Australian Chris Atkinson as their team driver.


According to Prodrive Motorsport managing director, John Gaw, “There is more freedom in the Chinese regulations and that has helped us to create this car in such a short timeframe. However, while the first cars will initially compete in China, the car can readily be modified to compete in most ‘open’ class rally series, of which there are many in Europe, Asia and North America.”


The VW Golf SCRC does not conform to FIA rules, but its safety features and roll cage do. Like the engine, for example. While the Polo WRC had a 1.6L turbocharged engine, the VW Golf SCRC has a 2.0L turbocharged engine with a 35mm restrictor that produces about 300 horses. On the similarities however, the VW Golf SCRC does share the Xtrac six speed sequential gearbox and rear differential.


Most body panels are carried over from the road going Volkswagen Golf, but the front and rear bumpers have been redeveloped with flexible carbon composite materials. This will ensure that the panels are more resistant to crashes and durable. The shocks too, are of WRC specifications. Made by Prodrive-Ohlins, the shock components are interchangeable from the fronts to rears to keep spares to a minimum.

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The whole VW Golf SCRC was developed in less than 6 months, thanks to Prodrive’s prior experience in developing a generic rally car.

For the rest of us, Prodrive mentioned that the VW Golf SCRC could be re-engineered to suit FIA rulings.


Here are the car’s full specifications.


· VW Golf VII five door bodyshell
· Prodrive roll cage encompassing the latest FIA standards
· Standard VW steel panels plus flexible composite front and rear bumper and wings
· Carbon composite rear wing


· VW 2 litre, four cylinder, port fuel injection, double overhead cam
· Garrett turbo with 35 mm restrictor (CRC regulations) 2 bar maximum boost
· Cosworth engine management system
· Lead acid battery (Li-ion optional)
· Power >300 bhp


· Permanent four wheel drive
· Gearbox: Xtrac 6 speed sequential (WRC spec) with steering column mounted manual gear shift
· Clutch: AP Racing sintered twin plate
· Front differential: Xtrac plated limited slip (WRC spec)
· Rear differential: Xtrac plated limited slip (WRC spec)
· Hand brake rear differential release


· FIA 8862 seats with head protection and six point Sparco harness
· Prodrive designed AP Racing pedal box
· Lifeline fire extinguisher system
· Prodrive wiring harness
· Prodrive driver display
· Cosworth co-driver display
· ATL fuel tank and system


Front: Prodrive/Ohlins Macpherson strut, 3 way adjustable damper
Rear: Prodrive/Ohlins Macpherson strut, 3 way adjustable damper

Prodrive designed hydraulic power assisted steering rack



15” x 7.5” ATS wheels with DMACK tyres

Front: AP Racing 4 pot calipers and 300 mm discs
Rear: AP Racing 4 pot calipers and 300 mm discs


18” x 8” ATS wheels with DMACK tyres

Front: AP Racing 4 pot calipers and 355 mm discs
Rear: AP Racing 4 pot calipers and 355 mm discs


Length: 4268 mm
Width: 1820 mm
Weight: 1150kg (CRC minimum dry weight excluding driver/co-driver).