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Tesla Model 3 survives rollover accident

Elon has been always been saying that Tesla cars are safe and tries to show it via safety crash results through videos and other means of social media. This time around we know that when a Tesla Model 3 does multiple flips and rolls over, the passengers are safe. Reported on Reddit, user StapleGun recounted the ordeal through witness reports after his wife was in an accident and flipped her Tesla Model 3.

“She was travelling on the freeway at approximately 70mph in the left lane. The car collided with a second vehicle in the middle lane. The front driver side of the Model 3 then hit the cement median with enough force to shear the front wheel off. Then the slide sideways and started rolling. A witness said the car rolled “several times” before finally settling upside down. The other car also hit the median, though much less violently, and we believe the driver was uninjured,” said StapleGun in a reddit post.

The driver escaped relatively unharmed and from the photos, we can see that the cockpit looked relatively intact and that even with major damage such as having one wheel completely broken off, Tesla has yet again shown that they mean business and that they take safety very seriously.

However, where one area is safe, Tesla has still been mired with more issues such as the “autopilot” fiasco, as well as battery, catching fire. With new technologies, we can definitely see new areas of safety being introduced and more education is needed even to the general public on how to handle in these sort of situations.

Image Source: StapleGun, Reddit