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Musk has grand plans for Tesla

In an earnings call with investors, Elon Musk has shared that grand plans are underway as would one can relate to the announcements made by the flamboyant CEO. Firstly, Musk says that the Model Y would be coming in 2020. At the moment, Tesla is busy keeping up with Model 3 production and has main in-roads to production in China. There isn’t any news about the electric semi which racked up pre-orders.

Can musk delivery a new model Y in 2020? Perhaps a show similar to how the electric semi was teased to the crowd. In order to ensure the success of the Model Y, Musk shared that the cost of the production line to be cheaper compared to the Model 3. The Model Y will share about 75% of the same components of the Model 3 in order to save costs overall.

The Tesla Model Y is Tesla’s electric SUV which is currently the hot market right now. Who knows by the time it is out, SUVs could be the mainstream with demand hitting quite high in recent years. Next on Tesla’s todo list is to get out a pickup truck which Musk says that he hopes to unveil this summer.

On another tech, Musk says that he is working to make sure that Tesla vehicles are able to contact or call towing services when the car detects a fault. Meaning that if you experience a flat or realise that a key part of the car is faulty, the car would already know about it and send for an emergency tow truck before the driver stops the car. Of course, there will be an override switch inside the car as well in case it was a false alarm.