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Tesla introduces Dog Mode and Sentry Mode

Have you ever needed to quickly run into a shop to pick something up but you worry about your pets who are with you in the car and you can’t bring them down? Have no fear, Tesla is here to introduce a new mode called Dog Mode. Dog Mode sets a temperature for the car’s cabin so that your pets are safe and it also prompts to passersby that they needn’t worry about it.

The mode will stay on until you hit 20% of battery charge left in your car which will then prompt you via a notification on your Tesla mobile app. Whilst it isn’t a good option to leave your pets unattended in these type of environments for long periods of time, it is good to note that this is mostly for when you need to run a quick errand.

Sentry mode is as what the name denotes. When you leave your Tesla car parked somewhere, Sentry mode helps the car stay alert.

When enabled, Sentry Mode enters a “Standby” state, like many home alarm systems, which uses the car’s external cameras to detect potential threats. If a minimal threat is detected, such as someone leaning on a car, Sentry Mode switches to an “Alert” state and displays a message on the touchscreen warning that its cameras are recording.

If a more severe threat is detected, such as someone breaking a window, Sentry Mode switches to an “Alarm” state, which activates the car alarm, increases the brightness of the center display, and plays music at maximum volume from the car’s audio system.

It doesn’t really say which music it plays on the audio system though. Not every Tesla car will have this feature enabled and only certain models will have these feature. The company continues to add in additional features to their cars through software updates, which is an ingenious method. Taking a cue from software companies which continue to enhance their applications, Tesla is doing the same for their cars.