France bans mobile phone usage in cars, even when you are stopped

France is going the extreme of banning mobile phones for drivers even when their cars are not moving. That means that when a driver stops at a traffic light he/she can’t whip out their phones and check their WhatsApp messages. AFP reported that it is now illegal to even pull to the side of the road and answer a call. Talk about strict!

The only exceptions to the law are that if your car has broken down. You need to be in a state of “not driving” whereby either you have disembarked from the vehicle, parked in a proper parking lot or at a place where it is legal to park. Putting on double hazard lights by the side of the road will still get you fined.

This definitely does not apply to phone usage with hands-free sets so those with Bluetooth enabled in the car, you can still accept your calls. Probably this is to force drivers to not be distracted by texting or checking social media or even worse, busy taking a selfie whilst driving. The fine for disobedience is 135 euroes which is around RM651. Quite hefty indeed.

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