Datsun’s Concept Car


The last I heard of Datsun, it was a really long time ago. Those were the days I hear the terms one two O why and wondered what it meant. It was a car my parents drove and it was a super reliable car, the Datsun 120y. Since then I haven’t heard much of the brand with the occasion Jeremy Clarkson slur that the Nissan GTR is indeed a Datsun.

Well, I guess they want to get back at the limelight again because Datsun today revealed a sketch of the forthcoming new Datsun concept car, which will have its world premiere at Delhi Auto Expo 2014 in February.

The concept car represents a possible direction for the future expansion of Datsun’s model line-up for up-and-coming young customers in high-growth markets, such as India. he new concept will be unveiled at Datsun’s press conference on February 5 at India Expo Mart, Greater Noida Delhi NCR.

It does look sleek and it does look sexy and since it’s target market is indeed India, I can presume it would be small and would have a small capacity engine in it to make it cheap and affordable. But the more I look at it, the more I felt a Ford Fiesta collided with a Chevy Sonic and viola, you get this.

Kudos though to the design, but I don’t think I will be holding my breath for the rest of the car.