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Why the Kia Stinger is a revelation! [+Videos]

So as we mentioned in one of our earlier posts, the new Kia Stinger GT was spotted at the recent MAI Malaysia Autoshow 2017, but that’s not the reason for this article…

As you may have read in this earlier feature, we’ve been quite impressed with the Kia brand this year, with the likes of the Optima GT and its stable-mates, so chancing on the Stinger at MAI was an unexpected treat.

Despite the fact that it may be a while before the Stinger is here officially, the reason, or rather the basis for this article stemmed from a recent posting I stumbled upon on social media where the Stinger was pitted against the mighty Ford Mustang 5.0 GT…. and won. You can view a video of that comparison test here.

I began looking for videos on the Kia Stinger, and something struck me right out of left-field. In the various videos that I managed to find, one thing became apparent; the cars that the Stinger was being pitted against were unlike anything it has ever been compared to in the past, ever. Case in point, these design comparos:

Who would have ever thought that a Kia would someday be compared to a BMW, and not just any BMW, the holy-grail of BMW’s, the M3. And the Bimmer wasn’t the only German to be compared with the Stinger either…


Mercedes-Benz wasn’t spared either, as one site compared it (styling wise) against the C450 AMG…


And that’s just a design and styling comparison, how about performance you ask? Well first, have a look at the Stinger being tested at the one place where reputations and forged and destroyed, the Green Hell..

How’s that for raising the stakes? Well, it’s safe to say that in just one iteration, the Stinger has totally changed the ‘face’ of Kia in the eyes of the motoring world. Here’s 5 things you need to know about the Kia Stinger:

A decade ago, I doubt anyone would have thought it possible that a day would come where a Kia would be compared with the likes of BMW, Audi and Mercedes-Benz. I’m just glad I was alive to see it happen. – Chris Wee.

Kia Stinger @ MAI Malaysia Autoshow 2017…