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Mercedes C-Class – The best knows no alternative

Mercedes C Class

For the market launch of the completely newly developed C-Class, Mercedes-Benz is implementing a worldwide campaign using all relevant communication channels. With the campaign slogan “The best knows no alternative. The new C-Class.”, the bestselling model series in the product portfolio presents itself as the worldwide standard in the premium medium class. The product presentation underlines the modern luxury, perceived value and allure of the C-Class. The centrepieces of the campaign, which will be rolled out in more than 100 markets, are print advertisements, a TV spot and an interactive web highlight special.

“The new C-Class is the highest-quality premium model in the medium-class segment. It uncompromisingly underlines the brand’s claim “The Best” to leadership. With this worldwide campaign and its slogan, we are self-confidently asserting that for many people worldwide there is no alternative to this car,” says Dr Jens Thiemer, Vice President Marketing Communications Mercedes-Benz Passenger Cars. The target group for the C-Class are professionally successful and characterised by a sense of style and high quality consciousness. They are regarded as independent and ambitious. Apart from their job, they like to take time for the special things in life. The C-Class is precisely tailored to this target group. It once again sets numerous benchmarks in its class, and has visually progressive design features.

Modern luxury as a self-assured campaign theme

The campaign presents the C-Class as an expression of modern luxury and a statement of a discerning lifestyle. From January 2014 the four advertisement motifs will appear in periodicals, magazines and supra-regional daily newspapers.

The TV spot likewise emphasises the claim to the C-Class. In an intentionally humorous and at times even ironic way it asserts that wherever in the world and whoever the driver, the only constant is the C-Class, as there is no alternative to the best. In the spot the voice of an off-screen male speaker tells the viewer that the spot location could be anywhere, for example Shanghai, Paris or Hollywood. The speaker describes the protagonists in the spot while a variety of passengers emphasise the versatility. At the same time an entertaining short story is told to present the three equipment variants of the new C-Class, AMG Line, EXCLUSIVE Line and AVANTGARDE Line. The music on the international TV advert is provided by “Changes”, the chart hit by FAUL & Wad Ad vs. Pnau. The hit single from FOUR Music / Sony Music is currently to be heard everywhere, be it in Berlin, Paris or Amsterdam. The spot will appear on TV in January and February 2014 and will also be shown internationally (

Interactive web highlight special

The interactive highlight web special presents selected features of the new C‑Class These are also realised for mobile devices on a cross-platform basis. Normally a customer would only experience the individual vehicle features during a test drive. Thanks to the interactive highlights of the new C-Class, the user is already able to experience features on the web, before a test drive. The web special has already been online since 16 December 2013.

Mercedes-Benz’s creative agency Jung von Matt Alster is responsible for designing and realising the campaign. The web special was produced by the online agency Scholz & Volkmer. The new Mercedes-Benz C-Class will be available from dealers in Europe from 15 March 2014.