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Volkswagen and Google partner up for Quantum Computing

Volkswagen and Google have announced a partnership where they will both explore out quantum computing for the auto industry. The two companies will explore the utilization of quantum computers together, with aims to build up specialist knowledge and to carry out practically oriented research. As part of this collaboration, a team of specialists from Volkswagen and Google will work together using a Google quantum computer.

Quantum computers can solve certain highly complex tasks considerably faster than conventional supercomputers. In some cases, a solution will only be possible with quantum computers. Scenarios, where quantum computing would be useful, is in the area of traffic optimisation especially when it comes to autonomous vehicle technology. With more processing power, that means the car can predict better and avoid any problems on the road.

“Volkswagen’s collaboration with Google marks the beginning of quantum computing in the automotive industry, and is a paramount step to addressing modern mobility challenges unlikely to be solved with binary digital electronic computers,” said VW of America Executive Vice President Abdallah Shanti. “Through this partnership, Volkswagen intends to unlock the potential of this technology, and share our learnings to motivate the development of quantum computers and algorithms.”

Quantum computing isn’t exactly very easy to grasp so that’s why partnerships are important.