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Product Review: 3M Auto Essentials Car Care Kit


Car care is part and parcel when it comes to car maintenance. Some car owners may chose to send their cars to be washed outside, while others would prefer to wash at home. The 3M Auto Essentials Car Care Kit is targeted at the latter group. Let’s find out how it performs. 

The package consists of the 3M Auto Essentials Wax, 3M Auto Essentials Tyre Shine and the 3M Auto Essentials Leather and Vinyl Restore. Aimed as an all-in-one solution for car owners, this package protects your car’s paint, interior and tyres.


For starters, we have the Auto Essentials Leather and Vinyl Restore, which is both a cleaner and a conditioner. As the name suggests, it works on both leather and vinyl surfaces. To use, simply spray some onto a microfibre cloth and wipe. The end result is a luscious shine on the leather seats.


Apart from the shine, the 3M Auto Essentials Leather and Vinyl Restore also cleans the surface better than conventional wipes.


Secondly there’s the Auto Essentials Wax. Applying the wax is as simple as washing the car thoroughly with car wash soap, skipping the drying process and spraying the Auto Essentials Wax onto the wet surface. Use a clean and dry microfibre cloth to wipe the car dry. For optimum protection, the wax should be applied one panel at a time.


The end result is a high gloss shine with an extremely smooth finish. The Auto Essentials Wax provides the best qualities of a high quality wax, but only requires less than half the time. Some tough water stains were also easily removed, thanks to the Auto Essentials Wax.


Lastly there’s the 3M Auto Essentials Tyre Shine. Like the other products mentioned above, applying the tyre wax is as easy as spraying the wax on and wiping with a microfibre cloth. After that, remove overspray from wheels or rims and allow the wax to dry.


The Auto Essentials Tyre Shine is able to restore the deep black look to the tyres. Cars with black rubber or vinyl bumpers can also benefit from the Auto Essentials Tyre Shine.


Overall, the 3M Auto Essentials Car Care Kit is a painless way to keep your ride looking fresh without much effort. Car owners will definitely benefit greatly from 3M’s offering.

You can check it out at 3M’s online store here.

Recommended retail price of the 3M Auto Essentials car care kit. Retails are currently having a 50% off promotion for individual item.

3M Spray Wax – RM 39.90
3M Leather and Vinyl Restorer – RM 45.90
3M Tire Restorer – RM 42.90

They can be purchased at both Aeon and Ace Hardware.