Billionaire Mark Zuckerberg now owns a new USD30,000 Volkswagen Golf GTI


While many know Facebook founder, Mark Zuckerberg, is probably one of the richest men in the world, he is also well-known for his unpretentious lifestyle. Despite earning up to billions, this humble man stays in a rented five-bedroom house with his wife. Just recently he was seen driving a brand new car, an upgrade from his previous ride, the Acura TSX (Japanese/European spec Honda Accord).


As reported by WSJ, the young billionaire just purchased a black Volkswagen Golf GTI with manual transmission. A check on Volkswagen US site revealed that a Golf GTI with max options will cost at over USD30,000. So believe it or not, despite he can easily splurge his billions with numerous hyper cars or limos, Zuckerberg just drives a manual four-door hot hatchback to work.

[Source: Business Insider]