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Cool Dad turns Toyota 86 into Lighting McQueen for son [+ Video]


Ryan Lee is your typical petrolhead who has a 3 year old son, Lucas. Just like his dad, Lucas loves cars and adores Lighting McQueen, the lead character from the animated movie, Cars. So what does a father, who owns a red Toyota 86, will do knowing his son adores the red Lighting McQueen?

“I actually thought my son would feel really cool if he rode Lightning McQueen to school,” said Lee.

With the help of his partners from Speedworks Engineering, they have transformed Ryan’s Toyota 86 into McQueen 86. Also included are the no 95 and ‘Rusteze’ decals from Lighting McQueen, produced by the talents at Synwerx Graphics. It may not have a performance of a NASCAR race car where Lighting McQueen is based, but this McQueen 86 does pack some serious performance upgrade such as turbo and ECU mods resulting in over 300BHP.

“My son was so happy when he saw the car. But since he just woke up that time we showed it to him, the real excitement came days after where actually run around the car himself with a really big smile on his face,” said Lee.


If there’s a special award for best dad of 2014, I think we can give this to Ryan for this splendid effort. Do hit the video as below and feel the joy of Lucas seeing this impressive McQueen 86 from his father!

[image credit & Source: & Ryan Lee]