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Watch how BMW is attempting to wrestle the world record of longest drift from Toyota [+video]

The BMW F10 M5 was used 4 years ago to set the world record for the longest drift. That lasted through 82.6km on a skidpad. After the record was set, Toyota then pushed the Toyota 86 out unto the skid pads and achieved 144.8km of continuous drifting to beat the record. Toyota had to modify the 86 in order to accept another fuel tank in order for the car to have enough fuel drift through the area.

BMW, on the other hand, wants the record back but doesn’t want to modify the car. First, they would use the latest F90 M5 which has gotten a bit of flak by purist because it now does come with an all-wheel-drive system. BMW, on the other hand, says that if that is your concern, watch the new M5 drift with its switchable rear-wheel-drive system and at the same time set a new world record.

So if they don’t modify it, how would they achieve a further distance? By taking a cue from the airforce and refuelling the car mid-drift. Sounds insane? Watch the video below.