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Millington Proton S2500 revives the Satria Neo S2000! [+ Video]

In a follow-up to our previous article where many (including myself) were saddened by, and wondered what happened to this yellow nimble machine, well we have good news to share!


It’s appears that Mellor Elliots Motorsport (MEM), the team behind the Satria Neo S2000, has revived their creation. In fact they have formed a collaboration with Millington Race Engines, where the Millington 2500cc Diamond series 2 engines were fitted into the Proton Satria Neo S2000 chassis, which explains the S2500 naming in this car. This is aimed at producing a fast and affordable rally machine to participate in local events in the UK and Ireland.

Millington Racing Engines are famed British engine manufacturers, where their signature Diamond series engine has powered many machines participating in rally racing, cross-country rally, hill climb and autocross. The Diamond series 2 made its name in many Mk2 Escorts converted into rally machines in the UK. The Proton Millington S2500 can be sold to aspiring rally drivers for less than £120,000, depending on driver’s configuration.


A check on the Internet revealed the project was revived sometime in the middle of this year and the car has already participated in a few local rally events in the UK. Their result was promising as the car, steered by Ollie Mellors and co-driven by Reg Smith, won the Malton Forest Rally. Apparently there are more orders for these machines from local rally drivers, so expect to see more of ‘our’ cars participating in rally events across the UK. We even found a few videos on the S2500 in action for your viewing pleasure, and we’re happy to see this Satria Neo S2500 is blisteringly quick!

For more info on this car, head up to this link. It’s good to see the yellow nimble machine has been revived and is in good hands!


[Image credit: Darren Bowen]

Credits to Izad Kasmijan for the tip!