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Roll cage saves life from a 300KMH barrel of death [+ Video]


To those who participates in motor racing, a powerful engine or the most optimum suspension settings are no longer the most essential factor. In fact, motor sports is undeniably dangerous hence every race machine must have a compulsory roll cage to be installed inside. That safety factor, a simple roll cage has recently saved a life of a man from a 300kmh barrel of death in the United States.


Brian Gillespie, the man behind the wheel of the Honda Insight drag vehicle. was attempting a land speed record (perhaps for the record of the fastest hybrid car in the world) in El Mirage dry lakebed in the Mojave Desert. While blazing at break neck speed of 300kmh, the car veered right and flipped a whopping 15 times. Brian’s Insight remains as shown in the horrific picture as below.


When the car turned stationary and what seem to be a crash with 0 percent of survivability chance, luck was on Brian’s side as he survived the carnage with minor injuries, and was quickly bought to the hospital. If you look at the images on top, the roll cage has spared his life from becoming a potential YouTube tragedy. Watch the video below and be awed with the importance of a well designed roll cage that separates life and death by mere inches.

[Image source from Brian Gillespie & Hasport Performance ]