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Sunday Musings – Tyres, tyres, tyres Part 1


To understand this piece, have a read of Part 0 of my article to get the full context.

One month on, and around close to 2000 kilometers of travel (I travel from PJ to Cyberjaya on a daily work day basis), I have gotten used to the tyres. Due to my current busy schedule I haven’t had any chance of taking the car for a spin around the old Ulu Yam route with the guys throughout the month so I can’t review how the tyres behave at extreme conditions.

But what I did uncover so far whilst using these sets of Good Year Asymmetric 2, is that it has been just great. I say great because I used to use extremely noisy tyres (I guess due to it’s more budget nature) so driving has been a lot more pleasant and even with the sudden downpours, I have been able to manage get plenty of grip whilst going at high speeds (which I am not allowed to say how fast but you can pretty much guess).

Since it is also the dry weather, I haven’t encountered any large puddles of water hence I can’t say how these set of tyres fare against the ever dangerous water planning effect. But because it is the dry weather, the grip on these very new tyres is insane! I just love it.

Hopefully in the month of July, I am able to give these tyres the proper shakedown it deserves and I will get back again with more reviews on the tyre.

In truth, the Good Year Asymmetric 2 tyres are good tyres. Better than the set of tyres I have previously used in all areas, grip, wear rate, wet grip and tyre noise. Again this is at the beginning of the review and it is just part 1 of 12.

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