Watch a VW Scirocco roll 3 times in a crash at the Nurburgring [+video]

When it comes to driving on the track, you need to be aware of the risks which include the possibility of you crashing your car. At the Nurburgring, that is quite common especially if you do a simple search on YouTube and you will get an endless list of crashes at the famous ring. Here we have a Volkswagen Scirocco who crashed in spectacular fashion.


Initially entering a corner, the Scirocco was seen understeering into the grass but the driver managed to keep the car in control and pull the Rocco back unto the track. Only to have the car make the next corner which it entered in with a little too much speed which caused it to crash into the side barrier and flip 3 times before landing upside down.

From the video, we can see that the driver was safe and that the entire cockpit was intact even though the car looked like it has to be written off. Hats off to Volkswagen indeed.

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