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Ferrari fined 50,000 euros for running over mechanic

In last weekend’s race, Kimi Raikkonen was awarded a penalty for running over a mechanic after a pit stop. The impact caused a broken leg to the mechanic which ultimately led to Kimi being stopped from the rest of the race (DNF). The incident led to an investigation and Ferrari was fined 50,000 euros (around RM238,000) as a result of the pitstop mess.

The mechanic named Francesco who was working on the rear left wheel was taken to the hospital. Kimi Raikkonen was wrongly given the signal to leave as only 3 tyres were replaced and the final remaining one not completed.

Ferrari said the mechanic on the left rear wheel, named only as Francesco, had been taken to hospital with a suspected shin bone and fibula fracture. He was knocked over as the Finn was wrongly given the signal to leave with only three tires replaced and the other still to be removed.

“I go when the light is green. I don’t see what happens behind and unfortunately, he got hurt. My job is to go when the light says so. Hopefully, he’s OK,” said Raikkonen after the race.