MINI will 3D print your customised interior pieces

The very soul of the MINI is all about style and to allow customers to portray their own individuality. That is why they have ranges of designs to choose from and many of them very iconic. Now they have upped their game by introducing even more personalised interior pieces. Calling it the MINI Yours Customised product range, they will be released for Europe and other larger markets.

In the range you get indicator inlays, side scuttles, trims for the passenger side, LED door sills and LED door projectors which you can customise. Customers can select, design and order the upgrade parts available in the product range of MINI Yours Customised at the new Online Shop specially developed for the new package. The individualised products will then be manufactured using innovative production procedures such as 3D printing and laser lettering. The advanced production process permits precise implementation of customer’s wishes.

The individually designed products will be delivered within the space of just a few weeks. The parts have been designed so that they can be integrated in the vehicle by the customer or by the participating MINI service partner. The customer can do this more than once. This ensures that if the vehicle is sold later the individualised components can be exchanged.


MINI is committed to digitalisation and innovative production procedures for realising individual customer wishes. Alongside the global web shop, a completely new distribution chain has been installed for direct sales to the customer. Equally, the 3D printing procedure has been specially tailored to the production of individual products in large numbers for the MINI Yours Customised package. Configuration is carried out in an Online Shop dedicated to the new product range.