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Watch a Boston Dynamic Robot do a backflip [+video]

Boston Dynamic, the company known for making creepy robot animals which can balance itself whenever you start kicking has finally released something amazing. Initially, part of Alphabet, the parent company of Google, Boston Dynamic was then sold to Softbank who owns a plethora of other robotics related companies. Here, under the guidance of Softbank, Boston Robotics has recently launched a video of their Atlas robot.

This is absolutely amazing because I used to joke around with my friend who says his 80-year-old grandmother can do backflips. This time, we both saw a robot do a backflip. I tell you, the Terminators are really coming to get us. So far the robots by Boston Dynamics can navigate through rough terrain, withstand a hit from a car and many others.

Initially touted to assist the military especially in rough terrain where robots can assist by carrying supplies, the early models created way too much sound to be deemed safe in the eyes of the military. I bet, in the future, Boston Dynamic will create some truly amazing robots.