VW Executive pleads guilty in the US

As the Volkswagen diesel gate scandal continues in the US at the courts, VW Executive who looks after compliance, Oliver Schmidt, has pleaded guilty at a Federal Court in Detroit. He pleaded guilty to conspiracy and for violating the US Clean Air Act. According to the judge, Schmidt can face up to seven years in prison and he has agreed to be deported after completing his sentence.

The admission of guilt is another notch in VW’s problems since their admission way back in September 2015 for having defeat devices to cheat emissions tests. VW has been struggling to try to gain back market share as well as building back the customers confidence in the brand but so far it hasn’t been able to do well.

So far the entire scandal has cost VW up to $24 billion to settle both civil and criminal claims against the company. $4.3 billion includes penalties to the US government.

Schmidt is one of eight staff criminally charged in the US for playing a role in VW’s schemes.