Honda to enable Apple CarPlay in the US for the Fit

Called the Honda Fit in the US, Honda will add support for Apple CarPlay for their 2018 models starting from July. Both CarPlay and Android Auto can be selected on the Sport, EX, and EX-L variants of the car. Drivers will access the auto apps via a 7-inch touchscreen.

Hopefully, more and more models will start to have the Apple CarPlay or Android Auto as options especially here in Malaysia. For the US, the Honda Fit is one of the cheaper models to have the option for Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.

Over the years, both Apple CarPlay and Android Auto hasn’t really kicked off significantly especially in developing countries. Most of the time, the barest basic stereo system is offered as well as other technologies. At least third party makers started to offer options for both these systems in their units, makers such as JVC and Kenwood.