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Shell Launches New Limited Edition Selectwater2go Bottles

Image 1 - Cheeming Boey (left) and Shairan Huzani Husain (right) at the launch of limited edition Select water2go

As a part of an on-going celebrations for its 125th anniversary, Shell has launched a series of limited edition Select water2go mineral water bottles. Designed by Malaysian artist Cheeming Boey, each bottle depicts a key milestone of the company over the years. The limited edition Select water2go bottles are priced at RM1.70 each and will be available in Peninsular Malaysia at both Shell Select and Kedai.

Image 3 - The limited edition Select water2go bottles

Shell pioneered the oil and gas industry in the country, and has fuelled the nation’s progress for 125 years. Boey has created 6 designs reflecting Shell’s journey below on the water2go mineral water bottles:

  1. The country’s first oil well, the Grand Old Lady of Miri in 1910
  2. The Shell Traffic Games launched in 1957, which kicked-off over 5 decades of road safety education
  3. One of the country’s first filling stations in Klang
  4. The Malaysian launch of Shell V-Power in 2000
  5. The launch of Welcome to Shell in 2015
  6. The research and conservation of Danum Valley

Each design will feature characters from Boey’s book series, When I was a Kid.

“To commemorate our 125th anniversary in Malaysia, we wanted to share our history and achievements with Malaysians. Boey’s art narratesour past achievements in a fun and relatable way, allowing Malaysians to take home a little part of our history. We hope this initiative will improve accessibility to art, and engage our customers on a more personal level. But more importantly, we aim to inspire Malaysians to continuously improve, and always keep that pioneering spirit burning,” said Shairan Huzani Husain, General Manager for Shell Retail Malaysia/Brunei.

Image 2 - (L to R) - Joey Liew, Au Tong Sing, Cheeming Boey, Shairan Huzani Husain and Ben Mahmud

Recently, Boey collaborated with Shell in an art project called “Celebrating 125 Years”, to develop 2 murals depicting Malaysia’s cultural heritage. His first mural called Early T.V., located in Kelantan, illustrates the ‘wayang kulit’ (shadow puppet theatre), while the second mural called Three-Wheeled ‘Car ’in Johor depicts the age-old trishaw.

Shell has also partnered with MPH Bookstores for an exclusive contest, whereby customers who purchase any of Boey’s When I was a Kid books at selected Shell Select stores will stand a chance to win a limited edition tote bag, designed and autographed by the artist himself. Participants are required to write their full name and phone number behind the receipt of their purchase, and drop it into the contest box located in the store between 1 September and 30 November 2016.

To find out the list of Shell Select stores offering this contest, visit